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Urban Japan

An online collective for music, art, and environment.

The Urban Japan Collective is an American and Japanese partnership with three goals: to promote Japanese talent, to preserve Japanese culture, and to encourage sustainable urban development around the world.

Our projects:


Lofi Japan

On May 10th, 2022, we partnered with Dashgo/Downtown music to create an official playlist selection for the Japan region, This was the first professional curation in our genre that authentically represented the Japanese beats sceneWe're deeply connected with industry professionals and are committed to growth of the Japanese artist & small business economy.

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Project: Energize!

Project Energize is an online music event that encourages collaboration  style exploration. With these events we expose Japanese artists to overseas audiences, and help to create high-energy within Japan's music production scene.


Project: refresh

Our subsidiary company is based in California, which has an on-going environmental and urban development crisis. Creating living spaces that enable people to feel connected to their environments is crucial to our movement, and we recognize this as a particular strength of Japan.

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